These APIs and templates are used to to analyze financial data supplied by public companies to the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

This toolkit includes API and Template resources to help you access and begin analyzing corporate XBRL data. Through the tools provided, you’ll have easy access to the XBRL US Public Filings Database - updated approximately every 15 minutes from the SEC’s EDGAR system.

The APIs and templates (except for the CIKlookup) require use of a valid XBRL US API key which is freely available at

Get started by browsing this documentation, reading HowTo – Use the Data Analysis Toolkit, watching a brief screencast demonstration then downloading templates and diving in to create your own analytics from our templates.

The API Documentation menu includes several APIs that allow users to fetch XBRL facts from the database in an XML format, by requesting financial statement parameters such as CIK or accession number, time period or US GAAP concept, to define the data returned.

The Spreadsheet Templates menu provides standardized worksheets in Google Sheets and Excel that focus on a type of analysis such as analyzing or performing comparative company analysis. These sheets can be customized to perform similar analysis on different publicly traded companies, at a specific point in time. Any green cell within a Sheet can be revised to access a different set of data. Pink cells contain reported or calculated data from XBRL or other sources. New sheets will be posted here periodically and users of this site are encouraged to post their own templates and to check back from time to time to find new content.